Upanah.com ™ is E-Commerce Footwear Platform of ®TriMalv Shoe Marketplace Pvt Ltd.

Motivation – To Empower small footwear vendors/sellers by providing an online platform to reach all over India and Globally.

We recognize the challenges faced by numerous small footwear vendors/sellers on our streets, who primarily rely on reselling products from physical shops. One of the primary constraints they encounter is their dependence on foot traffic or customers who are aware of their existence. Scaling their businesses proves to be challenging due to the financial implications of traditional marketing and the substantial costs associated with establishing an online presence.

Furthermore, the reliance on physical storefronts, often subject to closures and limitations, poses a significant hurdle, especially during unprecedented events such as the recent pandemic where physical shops remained closed. Recognizing these obstacles, we propose a solution to provide these local vendors with the strength of an online platform.

Our initiative offers an immediate, affordable online platform at just 250 INR for a 3-year subscription, empowering vendors to sell footwear across India. Embracing digital transformation reduces dependence on foot traffic. The platform provides a strategic edge, allowing local vendors to compete with giants like Amazon without extra charges. Our goal is to onboard diverse vendors, fostering an inclusive platform nationwide. Importantly, this IT solution is designed for easy scalability and adaptability for global expansion. We believe it not only addresses immediate challenges but contributes to economic growth and inclusivity. Seeking your approval and support, we envision transforming how these vendors conduct business. For customers, using a store list is convenient for finding and purchasing footwear online, with streamlined faster delivery.


Our company is registered as TriMalv Shoe Marketplace Pvt Ltd, also approved by DPIIT as Startup India.

Founder – Mr. Suresh Chandra Malviya, Who is a retired Police officer. He has experienced multiple cities being posted in various places and helping lot many by providing quick help and services through his profession.

Co-Founder – Mrs – Upasana Tripathi, Who is a house manager. She has a passion for helping and solving people’s problems.

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